Fresh 48 Sessions- Why Hospital Newborn Photography Matters

I want to shed some light on what I feel is an underrated topic- hospital newborn photography. Yes, we have all seen newborn photography. The head in the hands, the stunning poses and I agree, I am in awe of them. However, those are typically done up to two weeks after they’re born. Yes, in normal time a few weeks is nothing. In newborn days, a lot of changes happen.

With each of my four children, I was in a complete fog. I remember things, but I remember then in a dream like state. Thank you C-Sections! I was swollen, in pain and exhausted. I spent 3-5 days in that little room with that baby. I looked at every inch of that room while I fed the baby. It was essentially our first home together. It was the first place where my husband held the new baby, where my other children and grandparents met their new love. That little room gave me time to heal, adjust to a newborn, and feel confident about my mothering abilities. Each time I left that room – I was scared. Who would take care of me and my baby? Who would shelter us from the world? Looking back, I don’t really remember those rooms. I faintly remember our time in there. If it was so important how could I forget it so quickly?

By my third child, I knew I needed to remember that little room and the moments contained within it. Yes, I have the newborn posed image framed on the wall for everyone to see. But, the one picture that tugs at my heart strings is the image I took of my daughter on the bed that we spent so many hours in bonding. How little she was on that big bed.

 My daughter in the bed we spent so many hours in together.


I can remember the room looking at that picture. I remember the feeling of falling in love with her in that room, tearing up as my husband held her in the chair, the struggles, the triumphs and how terrified I was to leave my safe place.

Now that my own children are older, I would love to give my clients these same images to look back on and remember these first moments together with their child. I’m so excited to announce that I will be taking on Fresh 48 clients in 2017. Don’t think about how you THINK you’ll look, or how you THINK you’ll feel. We NEED to capture your immediate and unmistakable bond in that little room. I’ll come to you with in the first 48 hours of having the baby and we will capture that moment for you to remember clearly, forever.

Below are examples from a Fresh 48 session.  Contact me to book yours!


 Contact me to book yours!


Charleston and Isle of Palms Photographer | McDaniel & Friends

I think it is SO cool when a group of friends vacation together each year. The McDaniels and two sets of friends meet each year for a vacation. I was lucky enough that they chose Charleston and the lovely beaches of the Isle of Palms this year. They were hilarious! They have been close friends for a long time and they have such a great time together. Here are some of my favorite from their recent session!

:: Mo


Funk Family | Charleston Family Photographer

The Funk family was visiting Charleston. When they contacted me they said that they wanted to capture the charm of Charleston. I was so excited. This is my JAM! I am able to show nice families how great our city is. We spend a few hours just walking around and stopping at some of my favorite backdrops to take their family photographs. I love the variety and the colors we had that day. I love Charleston!!

:: MO


Mann Family | Isle of Palms and Charleston Beach Photographer

The Isle of Palms was amazing for the Mann’s beach session. I mean the sky was so blue and clouds! Typically there aren’t clouds right over the water. It was a gorgeous day. I enjoyed the Mann family. They were so much fun and I think that reflected in their photographs.

:: MO


The Weaver Family | Charleston and Isle of Palms Beach Photographer

I am so excited to get back to the beach for beach sessions! It’s rainy here today and it has me dreaming of getting back to the beach. Here are a few from a recent session. The Weavers were the nicest family and their little boy was sure on the move. He loved the water and I loved capturing his excitement!

:: MO